Tribal Games around the world

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So we’ve been getting posts on the Tribal playing community FB group ( and on our Manapress forum, with players showing off their games from around the world. Some lovely fotos of games as well!


Rolf (Sydney Oz) has been doing Maori, and has some great ideas for incorporating muskets/gunpowder weapons into the game.


Eamonn at his club meet in Sudbury UK used his SAGA forces to represent a Tribal-level game (Revenge scenario) between Vikings and Welsh. He even had some Maori cards to use for the game.



Chris (York UK) had a game using his Scots figures – chasing after a rival clan who’d stolen a pig.


Mac (Maroubra NSW) has posted some pics of his amazingly painted Cromagnons, in a bit of prehistoric combat with some Neanderthals.


Derek (Canada) is doing the Simians from the same prehistoric range (Lucid Eye/Warlord)


Arjun (Singapore) has played a fantasy game between Dwarves and Goblins, and has tried out the gladiator rules as well!

Check out Arjun’s blog here:

More games being played out there hopefully! If you’d like to share, or have any questions/thoughts on the rules, please feel free to email us or post something on the Facebook page.


Cheers! Mana Press

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